MGH Cassandra

Casallco x Alamber (Aldatus Z x Clover Hill)

Super moving foal from a mare that produces excellent sport horses.

MGH Diamant

Diamant de Semilly x Ogue Ava (Ars Vivendi x Furisto)

Dam has 3 siblings competing at 1.30m and above

MGH Cassira

Casallco x Philadelphia V (Master Imp XX x Furisto’s Diamond)

Cassira is the first foal of CCI** eventer Philadelphia


Zavall VDL x Zancara VDL (Acobat II x Nimmerdor)

Dam Zancara is a sister to olympic team gold medalist VDL Bubalu as well as four other 1.60m jumpers

Barely a Moment

MGH Killaloe

Barely a Moment XX x Cezaro x Coevers XX